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I’m Nick, I’ve been a Digital Nomad for 15 Years



Prague Digital Nomads Meetup

FIRE Makes You Cancelproof FIRE, Financial Independence Retire Early, makes you cancel proof. Never have to do a job you don’t want to do, never sacrifice your principles at work because you need the money, never act badly to your friends because of money. FIRE enables all of this.   Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast My newContinue reading “FIRE Makes You Cancelproof”

Nomad Interviews – Leah Ziliak, Coworking Consultant I’ve been in the European Mecca of Coworking, Bansko, Bulgaria – interviewing a range of Digital Nomads to see what they do and how they got started. This time it’s Leah Ziliak, coworking consultant. Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast My new YouTube Channel – please subscribe: Please review the podcast on iTunes itContinue reading “Nomad Interviews – Leah Ziliak, Coworking Consultant”

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